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We are always happy to share how Loving
Marley helps parents and children prepare
for responsible pet ownership and a lifetime
of fun with their animal companions.

However we are also excited to speak about
many pet friendly subjects too!

We welcome all inquiries from the media and
are happy to offer tie-in subject matter to
current stories being covered.  

The PugTale Adventures series of children's
picture books and PugTale Publishing are
supportive of many topics including:

Animal & Pet Advocacy
  1. The humane treatment of animals and companion pets.
  2. Teaching empathy and respect for an animals feelings.
  3. Preparing thoughtful adoptive pet owners to the realities of what it will be
    like to introduce a new pet into their home and how to make that transition
  4. Helping prospective pet owners understand how they can prepare for the
    lifelong commitment that is necessary to be a responsible pet owner.
  5. How to make a lifelong commitment to a pet and how easy it can be to keep
    that promise forever.
  6. Describing the many various and appropriate ways to meet the needs of a
    family pet and the importance of why those needs need to be met.
  7. Offering tips on how enjoy the psychological and health benefits that pets
    give us.
  8. Ideas on how to combat the desire to surrender a pet and the avenues of
    support available to pet-owners.
  9. The importance of making the right choice when pet relinquishment is
    unavoidable, where to go, where not to go and why.

Child-Pet Connection
  1. The child pet connection and how pets improve the humanity in our
  2. How the humane treatment of pets by our children offers social skills and
    other life skill development, what they are and the benefits.
  3. Why learning to nurture a pet at a young age is so important in the
    development of children and how that transfers to peer relations later in

Humane Education
  1. Humane education and what it is and why its so important.
  2. Explaining which states have federal mandates to teach humane education
    in the classroom and why.
  3. How humane education can help entire groups of children learn about
    animal and pet advocacy and the many altruistic benefits that are possible.
  4. Helping educators discover that humane education develops relationships
    within the community, how, why and the positive long term impact.
  5. How to introduce humane education to children so its fun, enjoyable and

Health Care and Pets
  1. How pets can have a positive influence on our health.
  2. The various types of health benefits pets offer to their owners and the
    impact those benefits have long term.
  3. Ways to develop the human-pet bond so healthy benefits can be enjoyed
    by pets and their owners.
  4. Discussing the many examples of how pets have had a positive influence
    on the overall health care industry.

Pet Industry Trends
  1. Discussing the current pet industry growth in the United States and what
    those statistics are.
  2. Describing how and why the pet industry is in a constant upward climb, and
    what it means for the future of our pets and pet owners.
  3. Where the pet industry trends are, companies that focus on pets, what they
    are and what's offered to pets and their owners thats new.

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