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Character & Humane Education in Schools

Many educators are excited to include Character Education in their
classrooms.  They often find it valuable to teach the basic principles of
responsibility, respect, fairness, honesty, integrity and compassion.  With
some lessons focusing on knowing the difference between right and
wrong, their classroom dynamics grow into learning centers that are
accepting, non-judgmental and focused on the appreciation of others.   
When Humane Education is added to the lesson plan, educators foster a
universal compassion and respect for all living beings including animals
and the environment.  Their classroom teachings raise the awareness that
humanity is to be valued and their students often grow into altruistic
individuals interested in helping others and being an intricate part of their

Character and Humane Education is widely adopted today by many
schools, organizations and government agencies.  It continues to gain
popularity, receives regular state and federal funding and in some states is
mandated by law to teach in schools.  

Parts of this article were taken from:
Our Pets as Teachers
How our pets can help us raise responsible pet owners
The Responsible Pet Owner column, Pug Talk Magazine, September/October 2009

Resource for Character & Humane Education Laws: Humane Education Advocates Reaching
Teachers (Heart) http://teachhumane.org

Resource for Character & Humane Education history and program content: Humane Society
University, Online Course, The Character Connection http://www.humanesocietyu.org
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