Ask Aunt Martha… is a companion column to the Responsible
Pet Owner and an open discussion forum for all issues relating
to responsible pet ownership.  Your questions, comments and
tips, could appear in the next  Responsible Pet Owner column.  
You might  become an inspiration to someone on responsible
pet ownership!

To Ask Aunt Martha a question or If you would like to become an
expert reference and enjoy inspiring others on proper pet care,
email us at:
Ask Aunt Martha...

Aunt Martha is a character in the PugTale Adventures
storybooks. She is modeled after and based on a real-life
woman who loves animals and has been a responsible pet
owner since early childhood.
Aunt Martha and Starlite
A character in Loving Marley,
Aunt Martha serves as the
ultimate responsible
pet owner.

As Ann Barker's Aunt,

she is a third generation
pet lover and reminds us
how important Pet Mentors
are in helping us raise
companion animals.

She speaks to foster lifelong commitment and forever homes for
all pets.
Commitment, responsibility, and love are the cornerstones of
pet ownership and the recipe for a lifetime of fun with
our animal companions whether they are
feathered, furry or finned.
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