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Hosted by Donald and Sara Hassler, co-authors of the award winning book,
Loving Marley. Donald and Sara are members of the press through the
Dog Writers Association of America and their column,
the Responsible Pet
is published in print in Pug Talk magazine. The Hasslers founded
PugTale Publishing—A company dedicated to helping novice and
experienced pet owners learn about responsible pet care and the
commitment needed to love a pet for a lifetime.

Every Monday,
the Responsible Pet Owner fetches you the best of local
and national pet news, interviews entertaining and informative guests, offers
pet care tips, and shares adoption rescue stories that bring you inspiration
and hope.

Pets enrich our lives and reward our well-being so put your paws together
and join us Monday evenings at 5:10pm (EST), beginning April 5th on Good
Company 14/WILI after the 5PM news. Each week the Responsible Pet
Owner will talk with listeners about pets, report the latest pet news, stories,
events and visit with special guests.  Share your stories, learn about pets
and celebrate the human-pet bond!

The Responsible Pet Owner is brought to you with the thoughtful and
caring graces of the North Windham Animal Hospital on the Boston Post
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