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The Responsible Pet Owner Column

This informative periodical column is an outreach to public forums.  The Responsible
Pet Owner
focuses on the same values that are found in Loving Marley and the
PugTale Adventures storybooks.

Topics include humane and character education, responsible pet ownership skills and
family values.  Articles will instills a good, solid, moral and humane value system to
readers while offering supportive awareness for all issues relating to pet ownership in or
outside the family unit.

The writing style of all articles are complimentary to publications because they are
insightful, thoughtful, informative, educational and entertain positive- minded thoughts.  
Articles are written plainly and are not opinionated, overly stated or overbearing.  
Issues covered are kept common to novice and experienced pet owners in order to be
appealing to a wide variety of readers and subscribers.  The voice of all articles is
friendly, kind-hearted and understanding so that the core message is heard and easy
to read and clear to comprehend.  Interesting subjects can be introduced upon request
if subjects apply to responsible pet ownership.  

The Responsible Pet Owner column is published in Pug Talk magazine and can be
reprinted with credit to
Pug Talk, or new articles can be generated to custom fit the
subject and format of any periodical.  Pet ownership, it’s benefits and impact in our daily
lives reaches far and wide and we can tie into any subject if asked to or required to.

Ask Aunt Martha… is a companion column to the Responsible Pet Owner and an open
discussion forum for all issues relating to responsible pet ownership.  This companion
column is a comfortable, open and interactive discussion board for readers. Currently,
readers are directed to send an email with questions to:

Reader questions are selected based on value, importance, and if they are of wide
interest to general pet owners.  Answers are derived from common sense, extensive
research or expert advice from a carefully chosen pet professional network. Questions
are matched to answers by pet professionals within the reader’s local area.  By
providing answers from pet professionals,
Ask Aunt Martha… is able to connect pet
owners with professionals they can contact if needed in the future.  

Encouraging pet owners to consult with professionals and being a guide to know how to
find supportive pet professionals if needed is a unique feature of this companion

Ask Aunt Martha...   responds to readers in a non-judgmental, caring, understanding
and kind fashion in order to elicit the most positive and productive response from all
readers all of the time.   
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Commitment, responsibility, and love are the cornerstones of pet ownership
and the recipe for a lifetime of fun with our animal companions whether
they are feathered, furry or finned.
Aunt Martha and Starlite
A character in Loving Marley,
Aunt Martha serves as the
ultimate responsible pet owner.

As Ann's Aunt, she is a third
generation pet lover and
reminds us how important
Pet Mentors are in helping us
raise companion animals.

She speaks to foster lifelong
commitment and forever
homes for all pets.
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